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The BudBurNerZ are happy to present you the
online release in mp3 files of their very first album

H.I.S. & BudBurNerZ

"Against the washing machines"


For this new opus, not that new actually, we have decided to re-edit,
in collaboration with the Net Label Chase Records our very first
album released in 1999.

This the only remaining sign of the times when we were 6,
before the group losing some pieces to gather only 4 persons today.

Discover or re-discover this fucked up opus for the pleasure
of your ears and brain, only release of worlds famous label:
Mouléàlalouche Productions

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Pack includes
- The .mp3 of the one hour live act.
- The .cue with wich one you can
select a track in the mp3
- A .txt files for eplanations
- And all original artworks scanned

>H.I.S&BudBurNerZ-Against the washing machines.txt


* You must have a plug-in like mp3cue to do that.
With this same .cue, you can burn this hi-quality
mp3 directly onto an audio CD.
By doing this in Nero Burning Rom for exemple :

->Left Click on the .cue file
-> Open with
-> Choose a program
-> Browse to find Nero.exe (Or other burner that I haven't tested)
-> Wait for a while...-> Burn !

Thanks for this album:
Gorhgorh; Uzi-Mind; J.R.; Toolbox;
Laurence (Stormcore); Psycko; Emilie…


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